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American Pharma Whey Isolate 4.5kg

Product Summary

  • 28g of protein per serving
  • Low lactose, low sugar, and low cholesterol. 
  • 2.5g Creatine
  • 3.1g Leucine
  • 6.3g BCAAs
  • 12.9g EAAs


Product Description

America Pharma Isolate is the latest technological breakthrough in tailor-made protein development for athletes. This product contains the highest percentage of protein by the composition of any whey protein product on the market. With 28 g of pure isolate protein per serving this is the ultimate formula.

Quality isolate whey proteins have been associated with many health benefits such as anti-oxidant activity and the immune system's enhancement. Also of importance to any hard training athlete is protein's ability to push them into a state of positive nitrogen balance. Getting back into positive nitrogen after a workout creates the best anabolic environment for your muscles.

With a higher level of Leucine, which is an essential branched-chain amino acid critical for muscle-protein production, it helps to maximize the mechanisms that "trigger" or stoke muscle-protein synthesis, resulting in strength, power, endurance, and size development.

The benefits of Isolate to the athlete go way beyond the fast absorption and muscle-building qualities of whey protein. Isolate's whey protein isolate plays a significant role in an athlete's immune system and anti-oxidant activity. This is of particular importance to heavy training athletes who may be suppressing their immune systems from the stress of high-intensity training.

Isolate's sole protein source is ISO94, a glutathione boosting multi-filtered pure protein. ISO94 contains protein fractions that are in part made up of an amino acid sequence that is a glutathione precursor. Glutathione levels have been linked to anti-oxidant activity and immuno-enhancing capabilities.

No. of servings

  • 130

Expiry date

  • Feb 2024


Whey protein isolate, Whey protein concentrate, Maltodextrin, Crystalline Fructose, Cocoa Powder (Dutch Process), Calcium Caseinate, Creatine Monohydrate, Vegetable Fibre, Natural and Artificial Flavour

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Type: Whey Protein

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